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Overlords of the Organ Mix #1: Chitlin' Circuit!

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The featured organists in these tracks are the masters of classic jazz Hammond B-3 organ. They play melody on the upper manual, comp or sustain a drone on the lower, then simultaneously playing the bass line with the left foot on the pedals and control organ volume the right foot - all while reaching into the soul and improvising! This requires independence on a whole other level! Enjoy!

  • TONY MONACO "Furry Slippers" by MC Promotion
  • The Sermon (Jimmy Smith) by Kéknyúl
  • Blues Grinder 1 by Ronny Jordan Organ Trio
  • Mama's Groove by Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Booker T. Jones & Daryl Hall (Live) by "Green Onions"
  • がんばれ!ローニン! -long version- by 國府田マリ子
  • Mr. JC by Ronja Music Company
  • Slow Down Sagg by Tony Monaco
  • It's The Same Old Dream by Dave Schumacher #Imotaya
  • Night Glider by Richard"Groove"Holmes
  • The Exorcism by James Taylor Quartet
  • I Know What I Want (DJ Funkaholic Remix) by Jimmy Smith
  • Got My Mojo Working by Jimmy Smith
  • Well You Needn't (Tony Monaco Trio) by DZwell
  • "Organ Grinder Swing" by Kevin Coelho
  • Jimmy McGriff and Richard "Groove" Holmes by Bean's
  • Nica's Dream ft Ximo Tebar & Idris Muhammad sh by Joey DeFrancesco
  • The Mean Machine (Afrolatinstrut Edit) by Jimmy McGriff
  • Mellow Mood by Dr. Lonnie Smith
  • Betty's Dilemma (Charles Earland) by JailCreekMonkies
  • Ensayo Organ Trío by Midnight Special (Jimmy Smith)
  • Soul Sugar by Jimmy McGriff
  • Jimmy McGriff by Carlo de Wijs
23 tracks
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