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The Mastery of Elton John, Volume 2


Sir Elton Hercules John is an English singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, record producer, and occasional actor. He and Bernie Taupin have collaborated on more than 30 albums to date.
In his five-decade career, Elton John has sold more than 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Enjoy volume 2 of this collection of his great songs by various artists as well as the master himself!

  • Amoreena by Elton John
  • George Michel Elton John by Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  • Sad songs (say so much) by RainerJadischke
  • PINBALL WIZARD Live by Elton Rohn
  • Bennie and the Jets (Elton John cover) by James Sayer
  • 04. I Just Can't Wait To Be King by Meowdk
  • Piano Man (live) by Billy Joel, Elton John
  • Something about the way you Look Tonight by Netina Asiena
  • 06 - Philadelphia Freedom by WMWV Radio
  • The Bitch Is Back by Greg Andrew
  • 21 - Your Song by WMWV Radio
  • Teacher I Need You Live by Elton Rohn
  • Crocodile Rock by UW MadHatters
  • Honky Cat by Michael Summers 1
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Disney
15 tracks
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