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Yodel Fever! Music from South Tyrol


South Tyrol (German and Ladin: Südtirol is also known by the Italian name Alto Adige, It is one of two autonomous provinces: Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. The majority of the population is Austrian/Bavarian but 25% speak Italian, mainly concentrated to the two largest cities (Bolzano and Merano). A small minority speak Ladin. Here are some interesting selections from the Austrian Alps in the South Tyrol representing their folk, modern popular, orchestral, and traditional styles.

  • Polka by Amboss
  • Liedermacher by 2erBeziehung
  • Morgenrot by Herbert Pixner Projekt
  • Inno degli alpini by torodimiraflores
  • Landl tirol by theresarass
  • Der Weltverdruss by alexander hackl
  • Jodel by RAG
  • Gretl Boarischer MANDA by alexander hackl
  • Südtirol Volksmusik by Version
  • Drops Of Sun by Fabrizio Mancinelli
  • Jetzt fahr ma übern See by Aischzeit
  • bolzano (live) by Julian Gerhard
  • Der Aufbruch by alexander hackl
  • Tyrol by Serge OzeRyan
  • - Dem land tirol by Unterrock Live
  • Wo der Sommer ist sind wir by Dennis Haberlach
  • MP3 für Audio Podcasting Kopie by Encounters in the Mountains (Full Version)
  • Nur Wegen Dir by 2erBeziehung
  • Weisenblasen 5: Austrian Duets for Tenor Horns by Dafydd Bullock
  • Erzherzog by Musikverein Stammheim
  • TYROL TYROL 0001.WMV by Fanfares Courtemaîche
  • Bolzano theme by Losfame-studio
  • Wiafle by alexander hackl
  • In The Woods by Fabrizio Mancinelli
  • Stand Against The Storm by Nolunta´s
  • rauschfrei records 2008) MP3 by Out of the Tyrol (Album Renitent Evil
  • Wenn Du Glaubst by 2erBeziehung
  • Nur Ein Lied I Acoustic Version by Philipp Genetti
  • Überall Tirol !? by 2erBeziehung
  • Wenns still werd by Daniela
  • The Green Hills of Tyrol, Last Rose of Summer by user176087174
  • Es Wird Gut Sein by 2erBeziehung
  • Südtirol (Still Version) by NiklasLiebtEintracht ♥
  • Gemmas An by 2erBeziehung
  • Dem Land Tirol die Treue by IngoStecher
  • Neuer Morgen I Acoustic Version by Philipp Genetti
  • Byebye Baby by Self Fulfilling Prophecy
  • aus by Basile
  • Es lebe hoch die Volksmusik by IngoStecher
  • Heut' bin i voll by Alpen Tiroler
  • Mitschnitt auf der Kreuzwiesenalm in Luesen am 26. Dezember 2010 by Mani und Michi
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