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nico would like to state for the record that he does not like mixtapes full of cute cheesy songs arranged to perfection by his super cute and Totally Gross boyfriend.
because nico, unlike aforementioned super cute and Totally Gross boyfriend, is punk rock and super hardcore, and anything resembling affection and maybe-love-i-don't-really-know-but-i-like-you-a-whole-lot-and-also-you're-really-cute is 100% uncool in every way. 100%. ultra uncool. totally.

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this was great and upbeat until you put one direction on and now i'm crying, this is too soon. great song choice but terrible timing D: on the brightside, i'm sure nico's mourning zayn as well.

@george blagden in my defense i posted this before zayn left. and YES nico has been mourning him, all of his friends r helping him through this difficult time