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from r (i didn't call it 'to apollo' aren't you proud of me?) (i guess these are all sort of vague and i know you don't like my music but i love it and i love you and this is how i'm going to tell you because i'm pathetic and can't get the words out so uh yeah) (i took the picture. it was when i made you pose so i could get in drawing practise.)

(2/2; love notes in the form of music. enjolras and grantaire have different tastes and thus express their love with different artists and genres.)

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where did you get the cover art for this? (and for the enjolras version for that matter) THEY'RE BOTH SO PRETTY HFNNG

@theboywonder i cant remember, actually! i'm pretty sure i found it after a lot of googling around :+) the pic from the other one i found looking at pics of louis garrel because he is A Beautiful Person

this is my favourite thing ever because i can literally imagine grantaire listening to this kind of music and he doesnt make this playlist all on one day, he doesnt even know that he's making it but he slowly and unconsciously builds up a collection of songs that remind him of enjolras and then one day he realises that he has all these songs that make him think about enjolras and grantaire puts them all together and shows it to him only to find out that enjolras has done the exact same thing, hell yeaaaaa