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Edward Nygmas iPod


collab with jaimegreyjoy

we just kinda played with the thought of eddie dancing around in his livingroom or at work and singing along to these songs, maybe listening to it while going to work idk, he's just so precious

8 tracks
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i think you mean canon c'mon this is totally canon you know he has this playlist stashed somewhere in the morgue

@redlettered I know right, and like dont tell me he doesnt know every single word to all of these songs, because he totally does. He's such a nerd oh gosh..

oh my god!! I dont usually like crack mixes, and clicking on this was kind of an accident, but it is 100% headcannon now!! every single song! and somehow, just somehow, each song was better than the last. you two did really well on this, lol i loved it so much!!