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Phantom Pains

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Dude, I just picked the first result for "Ratatat" so that's the only reason I'm here, but I think your taste in music is absolutely amazing. I got derailed writing a comment because I kept getting excited about all the songs, so I'm just gonna go ahead and leave that here: Rob Cantor in here as well?? GOOD. And the moment I heard Dan Avidan's beautiful voice all up in my Loud Pipes I freaked the heck out........ OH MY GOD IT'S A SPOOKTUNE REMIX THIS PLAYLIST IS PERFECT THANK YOU YES GOOD oh my god and 21 Pilots also oh my god HOLY SHIT IT'S MOTHER MOTHER. I have literally wanted to make a ghost playlist since I heard this song. But obviously now I don't have to. Because this one is, so far, perfect. Eyyyy Lumineers!! I've never heard this one, cool. SIA OOOOOO. Oh, don't know this artist! It's a really good song though. Ok so obviously I have to go listen to your other playlists now, lol. HAVE A GOOD DAY~