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Flaws Upon Your Wrists


A High School AU Dean and Castiel mix.

"You can't hurt people if you don't let yourself get close to them. It's also easier to run." Those are the words high school senior Castiel Novak has believed in for the past few years and he's content with living that way until Dean Winchester moves to his sleepy Minnesota town with his damn leather jacket and his appreciation for art.

Castiel soon learns that no matter what Dean isn't going to let him run.

A Deancas BigBang 2013 soundtrack.

20 tracks
5 comments on Flaws Upon Your Wrists

Beautiful soundtrack :')
Oh, it has helped me so much this morning, with everything going on. Thank you.
I shall later read that fanfic! :D

Oh me oh my, this is beautiful! I'm really excited for the fic to come out, just because of the soundtrack alone.

great mix! is there actually a fic that this is based off of? if there is could i have a link? again, this is an amazing mix!

Thank you so much! There is certainly a fic that this is based off, these are just a few of the songs I listened to (on near repeat) when writing it. As it's part of the Deancas BigBang for 2013 it hasn't been posted up yet (posting doesn't start until October) but here is my tumblr page for it which has snippets of the fic, inspiration and songs (most of which are in this mix). As i said the fic will be posted up sometime during October once the dcbb starts :)