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Into the Tesseract of Work


A playlist for getting things done, for closing "open loops," for activating Next Actions, for managing the to-do lists, for managing projects, for being productive, for optimal focus while on the job.

Featuring tracks by artists from QED Records, the Philippines' first electronic music netlabel (

  • Light Years by Evo Evolver
  • Emorej: Stars (Acid42 WorldMix) by Acid42
  • one foot forward by morse
  • Getting to Know You by Spazzkid
  • M-Theory (The Ghostly Parallels) by Paosin The Well
  • The Grass Is Greener (Unreleased) by Demolee
  • Searchin (feat. Nadja Freeman) by dwarfgoby
  • Flux by Cardinal Zen
  • Palma (Acid42 BreaksMix) by Acid42
  • Nights of Rizal by Nights Of Rizal
  • fields of broken glass by bleedingboy
  • Anak feat. Jonan Aguilar by nykó macá
  • Miner by aljar3d
  • Gebrüder Teichmann & Rubber Inc feat. Caliph8: Transfer and Thoughts (2007) by gebrueder teichmann
14 tracks