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Balkan beats (let's get wet)


one hour of electronically enhanced Balkan brass music, blended with Gypsy violins and Klezmer clarinet. for those hot days of the summer. including music by Kottarashky, DJ Click featuring Valentina Casula, Ahilea and many many others!

© Photo: Georgios Giannopoulos, Les Trompettes de Guča, Serbia.

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3 comments on Balkan beats (let's get wet)

such a lovely expression! it can be found in many cultures such as: Greek (άιντε), Albanian (Hajde ), Turkish (hayde), Bulgarian (хайде), Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (хајде / hajde), Romanian (haide), Hebrew (Hajde / היידה) and many others...

Makes sense, haha. Would make a great party with all nationalities together. Surviving it optional, since there would be a lot of drinking involved.