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Balkan Deli


delicious flavors and cultural nostalgia. a collection of delightful goods from our little corner shop. you name it, we have it: smoked meat from serbia. exclusive goat cheese from bulgaria. the finest salată de boeuf from romania. gypsy herbs from ex-yugoslavia & hungary: once you smoke them you know how paradise is. our homemade turkish meze, imported russian black chaviar and top-quality feta cheese from greece, will make your mouth water. the all around favorite companion for your breakfast.

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I love how you take advantage of 8tracks' possibility to add a picture and a description to create a piece por favor art. Each mix is an immersion through music, not just a playlist. I've been thinking of doing this too and curiously found you. Congratulations! I take my hat off!

We are always open from 9 to 5 every day, except Sundays my dear! For the moment we just run out of herbs but luckily we are expecting some fine oregano from Crete, at the end of the week.