acoustic ecology
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The copper mines... The privilege that once gave glory to our city, now has been turned to an open wound. We conquered Elam for you. We extended your rule beyond Babylon... But where is your kingdom now king of Hamath? Where is your trusted counselor?

badawi, muslimgauze, geomatic

© Photo: Bas relief panel carved in limestone depicting the royal lion hunts of Assyria.
North Palace of Nineveh, circa 645-635 BC.

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4 comments on Betrăyal

Ahhh... ethereal.... so mystic... (not much of a fan of Ocean of Tears Remix though - gets too loud at the end)... but totally makes it to my collection. Lovely percussion instrumentals you got here. It's like being chased by secrets in tombs, a tag between firelight and shadows. Where do you even get these tracks from? Btw, that relief is shit creepy.