acoustic ecology
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It was a pandemia. The virus was transmitted from the meat consumption of crossbred animals. There weren't few also, who believed that responsible were the CERN's LHC experiments. But, even in both cases, we still couldn't understand if this was a curse or a blessing. What you could listen to from all the radio frequencies across the planet, was just numbers and words with not specific meaning at all. Suddenly, we all started speaking languages unknown to us, with tears in our eyes.

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Καταπληκτικο!!!! Ειλικρινα απο τα καλυτερα που εχω ακουσει. Τετοιο βαθος ηχων. Παρα πολυ ωραιο. Πολλα μπραβο.

ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα θετικά σχόλια :)
χαίρομαι που σας άρεσε αυτό το project