acoustic ecology
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Each year every 22nd of April, over a billion people celebrate the Earth Day. A concept of peace, positiveness & love, in more than 192 countries around the world. Enjoy a nice slow-paced mix crafted with infinite love, as a perfect companion to celebrate this annual event. More than an hour of atmospheric ambient music, blending beautifully tribal / psychill rhythms.

Including works by Suns Of Arqa, Makyo and Gaudi

© Photo: Kelly Blevins, Elephant nest, 2013

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6 comments on Pangaea

thank you very much for pointing this out friend!
8tracks replaces quite often uploaded tracks with soundcloud links. this link was not the proper track. I have just fixed it!

Fair enough; however, I enjoyed that track! lol. Do you recall it's title?

Nonetheless, always enjoy your uploads.

thanks for feedback Du V!

As i remember the track at Soundcloud had the same name... but unfortunately I 've changed it to my original file without listening to it at all... Perhaps you can find it by searching at Soundcloud :)