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plus one


one hour of blissful music, as a reminder for your mission in this life: to be always generous, positive and happy, with everybody and anything around you. including dogs, cats, cockroaches, seeps, armadillos, elephants, mosquitoes, ducks, turtles, raccoons, the happy feet penguin, your ex, your mother-in-law and of course the water.

© Photo: From the "Walks with Yogi" Blog spot.

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Wonderful mix! Thank you for sharing! I loved the description, and it wasn't playing the first few times I tried, but I refused to give up - glad I didn't!! :)

I sit and stare out the window while listening to your mix. I watch the trees move with the breeze and I am at peace. Thanks.

thanks for listening! I remember seeing foxes passing by the streets of London, back in the good old days when I was living there :)

sheer justice to d tags of the playlist........kudos :) moreover we celebrating Independence day here, in India, today..... makes me feel proud.

Lovely :) we celebrate also here today our public holiday in order to commemorate the assumption of the Virgin Mary. Different cultures, but we are all One :)

Bravo!! Ah the fun things that can be done with typing! Although I still kind of miss the days of doodling pictures on pieces of paper.. I used to dot my i's with all kinds of shapes at school. :P
But that deer really is lovely :D