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The fall of the Kingdom


The city was finally besieged. The King is dead. The prophecies came out all wrong. The place where once thronged all the races of the world, now it is nothing but a vast graveyard. The temple, the walls, the sky, our hands, everything is painted red.

© Photo: Bas relief panel carved in limestone depicting the royal lion hunts of Assyria.
North Palace of Nineveh, circa 645-635 BC.

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5 comments on The fall of the Kingdom

Thank you for bringing this one to my attention! It is so weirdly coincidental, I have been working on a similar mix inspired by ancient Mesopotamia, so this is very inspiring for that! I've been studying Assyria, Persia and Babylonian empires in my spare time lately and you've captured the ancient, crumbled empire feeling so, so well here.
It's just amazing, one of the best mixes I've heard. I favourited every track XD (and yes also very appropriate for when I read Conan late at night!!)

I equally thank you so much for listening to this mix! It is the continuum of "Persepolis", my first approach to illustrate sonically ancient empires of the Middle East. I have spent a lot of my time on ancient linguistics and visual representations of antiquities as a student, a field that is always fascinates me XD Would be great if we can collaborate one day for an epic narrative :)