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Vampirella's unexpected visit


for a moment we thought it was just another silly "trick or treat" joke. but fragments later, the picture was clear. six feet tall, with a golden cross wedged between her breasts and a nasty breath odor. boy, this was a day to remember or what...

[eight tracks, twenty four mins]

Following up mix: suMmer psyCH cha cha by tati kami

© Photo: Bela Lugosi (and friend) in 1932′s “White Zombie” film.

8 tracks
3 comments on Vampirella's unexpected visit

somewhere UNDERground + dirty
i wiLL find you and point you and ''TReat '' you a buLLet ,
like A FIREball ,
through a boTTLE half empty ,
through a song half fuLL ,

i will give you a BLOOdy night to remember ................

In the U.S, Federal law criminalizes premeditated murder, felony murder and second-degree murder at Title 18 United States Code Section 1111

Yes but they might forgive a murder or two if they found out you were listening to this mix beforehand... :p
It definitely gives me an old-style horror/exploitation/vampiric cowboy feel. And someone's bound to get hurt...

for sure! many lawyers around the world using similar mixes as presumptions in order to defend their clients... and you know, at the end they all say that guilty was the cat....