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i am a pirate, you are a princess


this has been sitting in my unpublished mixes folder for months now (whoops!).

(note: i wanted to use a post-timeskip shot of them together but nami and vivi Still haven't reunited post-timeskip and i'm furious about it. anyways, despite the pre-timeskip cover art, this was made with the intention of being a post-timeskip mix, if that makes sense?)

8 tracks
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i reblogged this on tumblr but i feel obliged to leave a comment here bc i am now listening to it for like the twentieth time haha........i wanna start crying about happy sea lesbians everytime i listen & in general it just lifts my mood and makes me feel good abt loving girls !!!! tysm for this!!!

Riptide and I Am A Pirate.. were seriously brilliant song choices and the Mine and Steal My Girl covers almost made me cry. So happy to see music for this ship seriously

@crocodilepatronus aw shucks, glad to hear it! riptide and i am a pirate, you are a princess are two of my personal faves and the first songs i picked for this mix, so it's nice to hear they seem like good choices! nami/vivi is a vastly underrated ship, especially in terms of how few mixes there