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he taught me why hurricanes were named after people


you buried me under ashes,
filled me up with smoke,
littered me with promises,
and left me there to choke.

you suffocated my words,
tied me to false hope,
and through all of this i loved you, while to you it was a joke.

(all very lovely covers of some of my absolutely favorite songs xx)

  • Pierce The Veil (Cover by Emma Campbell) by Stay Away From My Friends
  • pierce the veil - cover by emma by bulletproof love
  • kissing in cars by Peirce the veil covered by Elizabeth Grace
  • Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade
  • Love Is A Laser Quest (Cover) by ClaudiaKate
  • The 1975 (rough Cover) by Robbers
  • Romance (Arctic Monkeys cover) by Arctic monkeys Claudia Jardine
  • Daughter (cover-unplugged) by Smother
  • mayday parade - cover by no heroes allowed
  • A Daydream Away (cover) by all time low
10 tracks