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Goodbye, sweetie


Because right now my heart is torn into a million pieces and nothing really helps, I decided to make this fanmix for my lovely, perfect, tragic OTP. This is not going to bring my River back nor bring the closure that I wanted for their story, but I never want to forget how they made me feel, all the tears I cried because of these two and how River Song made this show one of my favorites.

+ Fanmix featuring The Civil Wars, Jason Walker and Murray Gold.

13 tracks
3 comments on Goodbye, sweetie

WAS THIS REALLY NECESSARY??? ugh my otp, my feels. no but seriously, my heart is absolutely broken by this fanmix. i don't thank you BECAUSE IT HURTS but i thank you because it's beautiful. don't be so worried about river, i don't think it's the end of her story. well it is for her, but not for the doctor and not for us. and if it is, then it was a beautiful ending. they are still the most wonderful otp that ever existed.

It was really really necessary, we need good music to cry on V.V Oh, I hope she will come back, but I don't know, everything in that episode seemed like a "goodbye" to me. I pray Moffat will bring her back *sobbing*