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Drinking + Sadness = THIS SOMBER MIX TAPE

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watch u sleep, slow & deep. minnie driver is one of those rare artists. she's isn't afraid of exposing her pain, sorrow, loss, or sadness. come on rain.

used to believe Richard Ashcroft was one of rock's finest songwriters but then i heard his solo albums. i dunno what to think now. :( maybe age catches up to the one's we admire in song craft. still luv the Verve & Urban Hymns.

in a parked car, in a crowded street. you see your love made complete. definitely a gothic song by one of my favourite rock bands. i've prolly listened to Achtung Baby more than the Bends or Dark Side of the Moon. now that's a statement of band loyalty.

so far it's sullen but sometimes u need sad songs to lower your heartbeat. i tend to think as a romantic, like the other songwriters & poets. my work is mostly dark, brooding, yet still ethereal.