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Minas Tirith Street Music


Walk through the streets of the white city on a balmy May evening, inhale the scent of blossoms and dew, and listen to the swallows and musicians filling the air with magic. Songs as old as spring. (mostly medieval/Romance languages/Sephardic)

12 tracks
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I am a really, really big LotR fan, and have a huge soft spot for Faramir and his love of the White City especially. So hearing this is just the most wonderful thing - thank you! I can really picture Faramir and Boromir hearing this sort of stuff on the streets as kids. Or maybe just Faramir, after the War of the Ring :)

@Parmalambë Oh, that sounds beautiful - it's wonderful to hear someone else have a love for Minas Tirith and the characters' love for it! Aw yeah, Boromir and Faramir dancing to street music as children is a beautiful image! I'm happy you enjoyed this music and thank you for the lovely comment!<3

@Adanwen You're welcome! And thank you :) My username means "book-language"; it seemed appropriate for someone who loves books and words as much as I do.