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streets of Victoria's London


A soundtrack for another novel project, or at least, a partial soundtrack.

Fifteen tracks including music by Trevor Jones, Dmitri Shostakovich and Gregorio Allegri.

Photo: Mitre Square church corner passage (site of one of Jack the Ripper's murders.)

14 tracks
3 comments on streets of Victoria's London

hey! just wanted to let you know i utilized the gregorio allegri track, for a mix i just created. i hope you dont mind. also if you havent listened, i would love for you to check it out. i think you'll like it very much and if not, i'd value your opinion.

Holy moley, you outdid yourself. Misere(ridiculously fantastic) followed by Garden(even more ridiculously fantastic), was such a clever juxtaposition of light and dark, I laughed aloud.

shit, this essay is never going to get done. every time i look away from this page, i have to turn back to favorite a track for future use.

Holy crap! danse macabre! Lord Almighty haven't heard this song in ages. God its fantastic.

annoyed yet by the deluge of comments ive left?

You're welcome. And thank you again. As silly as it sounds, knowing someone enjoyed these that much really made my night.