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Popular teenagery musicals with their less popular songs.
Ft: American Idiot, Heathers, Bare (both versions), Spring Awakening, Newsies and more

11 tracks
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I love this playlist. I am so glad you included "A Million Miles From Heaven", it was one of the only things I liked from Bare the Musical in comparison to the original pop opera (one of my favorite shows at the moment)! I didn't like most of the reworks made, especially the extreme changes to characters (particularly making Nadia the drug dealer-- I love Barrett Wilbert Weed, but I hated the character of Nadia and the fact that she is so at fault for Jason's death), the change in timeline and character relationships, and having Jason sing "Role of a Lifetime" (he should not be that certain of himself that early on), but (although I like "Epiphany" better) I really like "A Million Miles From Heaven". Also, is the performance of "One" by the LA cast the one with Payson Lewis and Jonah Platt? I though I recognized it (they're one of my favorite casts)! I also really like "Meant To Be Yours", the change from creepy and funny to heartbreaking and emotional is intense. I just love all of these songs, very nice job!