I lived in the World's illusion and dreamt in my own reality

- A guy with a complex mind and complicated personality(s).
- Suffers from sudden mood swing, interest and taste depends on the current mood, Moods: Several of them.
- Hate crowds, Quiet, Calm, Rarely went berserk.
- Easily falls for any girls..preferably cute ones.
- Have high goals but too darn lazy.
- Keen observer. (mostly I stare, n people finds it annoying)
- Sensitive to people's feelings but having a hard time understanding girl's unreasonable feelings n unstable emotions.
- Have high tendencies of developing negative thoughts over a matter but currently thinking positively. (too much thinking..my hairs are turning white)
- A man of reason, thinks everything happens for a reason n it's my job to find it. (currently learning that some things r better left unsaid n unknown n just accept it as they are)

(more will be updated in the future..)

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