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Feels Like We only go Backwards


Random songs for a good trip. Songs by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Tame Impala, the Beatles, Fatboy Slim, Janis etc. Let your fluid thoughts take you to that happy place

(The soundtrack to our final year shenanigans. Thanks Juhi for finding the cover picture :) and Chitty for your general awesomeness in picking the music we play during our room chilling time. I've put a few of our regulars in here )

23 tracks
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This is so weird! Me and my bestfriends made a playlist so similar to this to dance around our apartment in. Except this playlist is way bigger, we dig it!!!! I think we would be good friends hehe :)

If you choose to make it so. These things go well with low-key company as well. (Though being alone is nice sometimes too)

hahaha my bad :) Did not know the album name. Thought you were referring to good music for good trips. Though with regards to those, I stand by what I said above ;)