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Swing ♥ Sing Kiss ▲ Bang


A romantic Bill Cipher mix with a swing-jazz twist, for when the man of your dreams turns out to be from your deepest, darkest nightmares...

Cover art by Winterbolt:

Also check out part 2, "Sweet ♡ Talkin' Fire △ Walkin'"!

26 tracks
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This playlist has all what I look for in my music weaknesses: jazz, swing and electro-swing. It makes me swoon! SWOON, I SAY! It fits Bill Cipher's persona so PERFECTLY. You would never suspect an Illuminati Dorito demon to lure you in with such catchy, swinging tunes, while plotting to make a twisted deal behind your back. Talk about dancing with the devil! :D

@AdorablyRotten agreed! Any reason to join the fandom is a good reason! Hey you know another good song that might fit bill is "I've got my mind set on you" by George Harrison (when I listen to it I think of Bill lurking in the shadows watching over the Pine twins or something)

I use to listen to Putin' On the ritz and I totally think the song fits Bill perfectly as well!! Thanks for making this playlist! (Also It appears that everyone is suddenly getting the hots for Bill lately! I have friends who are just joining the fandom because they think Bill is hot! XD )

@FierceHummingCrab You're welcome, I'm really glad you like it! :D Haha, I think we can blame Sock Opera for that! Any reason to get into the Gravity Falls fandom is a good one, but that's an especially good one~