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Eight tracks including music by Boards of Canada, Cirez D and FC Kahuna. Transition from electronic chill BoC to Cirez D, did a quick arrangement. Hope you enjoy! Progression is limitation, limitation is opportunity...

8 tracks
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Woah. That was odd. I was just thinking "Hmm.. This fellow might like some of my mixes!", a couple seconds before noticing that you're already following me! Neat coincidence!

Anyhoo, nice mix from what I've heard so far! You've got my thumbs up :)

Who We Are (Original Mix) Luigi Lusini
Flight (Franky Rizardo Remix) Studio Apartment feat. Monique B.
Junkie (Original Mix) Tyler Michaud & Interstate
Exit (Original Mix) Cirez D
Dayvan Cowboy Boards of Canada
Lower Your Eyelids to Die With M83
Hayling (FC Kahuna) FC Kahuna
Alpha And Omega Boards of Canada