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Badass Men Need Badass Girls Who Don't Need Boys


This mix includes some of the most intense fusion styles I know. hip hop/jazz/deep house/instrumental. Embodying nightlife. If you see it in the order I intended, it tells a story. The tale of a man vowing to be a guardian angel for those he holds dear. A man of such caliber needs a woman of equal caliber. Only a man can have this resolve, not a boy. This is what it means to be badass. A poem is attached in the first comment, the narrative. Enjoy.

15 tracks
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my path as a fierce guardian angel
part the ocean
move mountains
dance on burning embers
soar on eagles wings
traverse 40 nights in the desert
descend to Hell
it's 9 circles
crumbling each gate to ashes
cutting its binding chains on you
striking with vengeance
pain suffering lies hate
exorcising your inner demons
resurrecting your spirit
to know truth calm strength love freedom
to light and guard, to rule and guide
love reserved for love received
come with me on this night
I'll show you how to live