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All to Myself


I turned back to him, “I want to live first,” I said. “With you. I want to see things and have adventures. I want to learn what it is to be immortal, to be your mate, to be part of your family. I want to be… ready for them. And I selfishly want to have you all to myself for a while.”

His smile was gentle, sweet. “You take all the time you need. And if I get you all to myself for the rest of eternity, then I won’t mind that at all.” -542

They were my OTP in ACOTAR but like ACOMAF changed me. I can't move on from it.

35 tracks
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YES! 1, This playlist is fucking amazing! 2, i found someone else who shipped them in ACOTAR! All of my friends liked Tamlin but i never did:')