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_nice & slow.


One night. I remembered a lot of things. Let’s see, I remember how the dim orange lights of the bar embraced you, every lift and slope of your face, how the moon loved the upturn of your lips. There were also your eyes, narrow and cold. Your eyelashes too, fanned out against your skin. There were your hands, long, bony. But, you had nails. I still have the trailing marks running down my back.

And there was your voice, god, your voice. How could I leave you after hearing it in my ear?

(Or a krtsk au where they're older and meet at a bar where they originally planned to be just one night stands. Kuroo falls hard, and Tsukki eventually succumbs. The lyrics are key to mapping out their story. It mostly follows Kuroo's pov, but Tsukki's is there too.)

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@qai i've never read that fic! would you recommend it??? this was me wholly wanting to make another 70s/80s beat playlist for krtsk again and the songs kind of just fell in line with this particular storyline