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the flower of winter


This is the story of a man who never smiled and always lied learned what it meant to sacrifice oneself. This is the story of a man who always smiled and never spoke his own thoughts learned what it meant to be selfish. This is the story of how two men learn how the world works during a winter where sakuras bloom.

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That's alright. I didn't mean to put any pressure on you, so I'm sorry if u feel that way. I really do appreciate your fanfiction :>

I should've made a comment on ao3, but I was searching for playlists and I saw this and I was "omg I should tell that person this". when will the next chapter be released?

@naraptor thank you so much for reading and enjoying the story! i want to say it might be around wednesday or thursday of next week, but it could also be tonight or even tomorrow. it all really depends on how fast i type/how inspired or creative i feel at a certain moment. so sorry i can't pinpoint exactly but it shouldn't be too long until the next update :)