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& i'll never let you down。


a fanmix especially for the scouting legion's strongest commander and humanity's strongest solider.

☄ = for levi;
☽ = for erwin;
★ = for both

cover cr: pixiv id 6498225

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19 tracks
7 comments on & i'll never let you down。

This is giving me so many feelings gahhh. I think 'Behind Blue Eyes' is the perfect song for Erwin and it really hits me.

thhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaank you, you sweet sweet person ;; thank you for listening, thank you for taking notice of the track arrangement, and thank you once more for leaving this comment!

Oh my god when it got to the "Under your command I will be your guardian." part in Never Say Never I got really emotional and I didn't even mean to oh my goodness I hadn't even considered that song at all for them but hey you made me super emotional so congratulations you're amazing good job

Near all these song choices were based on lyrical meaning b-but gosh I'm glad to hear from you that song as a last-minute choice was the right one to give it that added emotional impact?? ; o ; but no n on on o noooo, darling, please allow me to say that YOU are the amazing one for leaving this comment here because seeing it tonight has really made me smile -- so i appreciate that, i appreciate /you/, and i hope that the emotional impact of eruri - at the end of this fanmix journey - ended on a much happier and higher note for the amazing, amazing you ♥ thanks a bunch, taphin, and i hope your night is just as wonderful as you are!

this mix is so lovely every song flowed together so nicely and just--GOSH--a great balance overall...i totally cried a bit at "I Bruise Easily" IM A B ABY such a great mix kei

eeeeeeeekkk i'mmmm super-super glad to know you felt the tracks flowed together, ana, as that was what i strove for! also tbh i bruise easily is my.....personal feeling world-weary song orz but it also makes me think of levi s-so i understand ;a; *hands you tissues* a-anyway youre an absolute darling and i'm really really glad this fanmix gave you that *~eruri feeling~* and thanks for listening to it, ana-chan dearest!