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i'm still alive。


come fire, come fire,
let it burn,
and love come racing through.
(a fanmix especially for christa renz, tenth ranked graduate of the army's 104th training squad.)

tracks and select lyrics are all labeled based on whether they're for christa's personal growth ("for the butterfly in a chr(ista)sysalis"), for her former identity left behind ("for histor(ia)y"), or for her relationship with ymir ("for the shield to her swords").

cover credit: MNR - pixiv id 1832645

25 tracks
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Nothing makes me happier than to hear that much from a listening party ; _ ; Thank you so so so much! My song choices were heavily based on heacanons+RPing experiences as well as my own personal connection to Christa and her transition toward a more honest life as Historia -- as the search for her own identity, to reclaim her own name, as someone who isn't afraid to be selfish and /human/, was portrayed in a way I relate to all too well -- so I hoped that even a bit of that passion shone through in the arrangement of these tracks! And based on what you tell me, though, I do believe I've done that job for you ♥

literally left at a loss for words reading this comment nsdghafkjlgsdh you are a wonderful wonderful person and i-i'm sorry for all the heartache!! please accept these tissues and my apologies and t-thank you for listening despite the pain involved--! ( ; n;)c