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a girl named bee.


bee is my favorite sort of ordinary girl.

she can't hold down a job. she burns water. she runs out of food money faster than you can blink.

but she can take on magical girl temp jobs and cope with nearly being eaten and deal with the embarrassment of hitting said childhood friend between the legs and look forward to a better tomorrow.

protect bee at all costs. she's a dear, special creature.

(a mix for colorful dreams and early morning trips to the grocery.)

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Thank you so much for this playlist it helped me a lot during a hard time I love it so much. Thank you for it. Never delete it. It's amazing. Thank you so much. ❤️

Some tracks were deleted by 8Tracks. If you hear one that I added back that might not sound right or familiar for the mix, please let me know! I churn out mixes and sometimes I forget which songs went where.

oh my gosh i havent listened to all your playlists yet, but they're all so good i bet the ones i havent heard are even better. these are wonderful. thank you :-D