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a moment for reflection.


i have a lot of (hopefully enjoyable) academic reading piling up.

when reading a book, i find it personally glorious to share its company only with near-silence and light instrumentals. and that is what this mix consists of.

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  • 君をのせて by スタジオジブリ
  • Todoke Kanai Kimochi by TroLoL
  • Yawarakana Jikan by qzilan
  • Joe Hisaishi by Secret Garden
  • Sad Anime Ost Tragic Memory by Nurul Aida ,
  • いのちの名前 by 広橋真紀子
  • Requiem by 浜口史郎 & 井内啓二
  • (Final Fantasy XIII) The Promise by Benjo Eduard Tabilito
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Where did you find the piano cover of "Name of Life"?? It's beautiful, I'd like to find the sheet music if anyone has it.