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baker boy.


from the appearance of deckard's room, i'd like to think that he happens to be a magical culinary student -

herbs everywhere, mystical talismans dangling alongside tacked up recipes bee wants him to try and notes from her with hearts shyly doodled in the margins.

a blend of sweet, soothing instrumentals and vocals for the newest fictional boy to steal my heart away.

(i was aiming for a mix he might bake to, or maybe drowsily text bee in the late hours of the night.)

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So cute~ I love this mix! It has such a nice feeling. Based on your description, you really achieved your goal of what you were aiming for in this mix.

I can't believe I've never commented on this mix??? I was sure I had. Either way, it's one of my favorites. I return to it regularly, which is kind of rare for me, even with mixes I really like. Either way, I'm going to check out your other stuff- I'm sure it'll live up to this!

!!!!thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! this is so incredibly cute!!!!!! me and my best friend absolutely love listening to it together!