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perhaps it could be a wish you made on a falling star.

a perfectly executed series of answers on an important final.

making the right friend. taking the right path.

or just believing in yourself enough to take just one step forward from the person you used to be.

a hopeful mix of instrumentals for the magic inside you. feel free to embrace your potential. (some tracks are a little faster than others.)

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  • Smile Precure! OST 2 Track01 by Sam Herman 8
  • 02 - Sanpo (My Neighbor Totoro) by BiYao193
  • 03 - Kuuchuu Sanpo by BiYao180
  • Say Goodbye by 梶浦由記
  • Littleroot Town BGM by Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
  • Kawaiku Hashiru Hashiru Hashiru by Nomi Yuuji
  • ef by Ef
  • OST Mushishi 2 by Kago no Naka
  • 18 Kanashimi wo Koete by TurtlePyramid
  • The Summer Wars by Akihiko Matsumoto
10 tracks
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