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i shouldn't be thinking of you


for leaning your head against a train window, or propping your arms up on a balcony railing. for going through a forgotten box of treasures and finding a sweater that wasn't yours to begin with, or a crumbling note passed under the desk during class. for being surrounded by friends in a dimly lit restaurant, hearing someone call a name you shouldn't remember forming your lips around, and looking up -

and having it all rush back all over again.

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I was finally able to listen to this since 8tracks came back to life and although I don’t understand Japanese as much as I would like to at this point this playlist just moved me so much emotionally. Thank you so much for sharing these tracks. I’m sobbing into my pillow because these are just so powerful and lovely.

I also want to say thank-you for your playlists! They are so lovely and I have really enjoyed them. <3 All the best to you post-8tracks. :)

I don't know if you're still around or will read this (since 8tracks closes soon). But I have to say thank you, A big "THANK YOU". For many years your playlists have been a lot to me:
The classical help to calm down and concentrate and focus.
... but also very ofen just a pure sort of inspiration for doing things.. but also for life itself.
... and in the very end often just a music I was listening too, when I just was looking outside the window, letting my thoughts "move freely".

Your playlists have been very close to my personality and my moods (in so many different situations).
It's not only the composition of music, but also the pictures and the descripition you published with them.
I don't know you, but sometimes I had the feeling you're share a lot your inner life with these playlists (hope that doesn't sound too stupid :D).
Sometimes your expressions even felt very familiar, since you seem to be a sensitive, creative and very thoughtful person (or maybe I'm totally wrong) that feels a lot, even in simple situations or small places (now that sounds really stupid ^^").
Anyways: I wanted to say thank you as this is the last chance for me to do so... since this is the end of 8tracks.

I wish you so much luck in you life (this is totally weird, because it feels like a farewell on the one side, but on the other side I totally don't know you at all :D).

@lifeflow This made me so teary. Thank you so, so much. This means everything. If you want to stay in touch, I'm ramentic on Tumblr and I'm going to be figuring out where to move next.

@afashionablefrown @afashionablefrown @afashionablefrown I never used Tumblr - but that's somehow really reassuring to know :). I just had a look on your blog there. So, if you're moving your playlists (or even better: Create new ones in the future :) ) to Spotify or to Playmoss*, I for sure will listen to them :). (*Playmoss the most similar Music Streaming-Community to 8Tracks that I know; biggest difference is, that you aren't really streaming songs, but create playlists out of Youtube Videos). I wish you a happy new year and am curious for future works of you :).