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The merrow, or murúch, is the Scottish and Irish equivalent of the mermaid. A merrow has a magical cap that enables her to dwell beneath the waves. If this cap is stolen from her, she will be confined to the earth.

(@jejbrown challenge: title your mix with the name of a mythical creature, tag your mix with '♪♫' and pick a song for each of the categories in the comments)

cover illustration by caiee ching.

10 tracks
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{1. a track for when it rains.

2. a track from your current favourite artist.

3. a track from a film.

4. a track that's a cover.

5. a track from your all time favourite album.

6. a track that is relevant to your current relationship status.

7. a track with no lyrics.

8. a track that would be inappropriate to play for your grandparents.

9. a track that's a duet.

10. a track that you would have played at your funeral.

11. a track about food or drink.

12. a track that freaks you out in a good way.}