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miss witch (in waiting).


"we each need to find our own inspiration, kiki. sometimes it's not easy."

there will be those momentary setbacks. there will be the moments where the phone won't ring for you and you can't seem to remember that buoyant, bubbly feeling in the pit of your stomach and that spark of magic at your fingertips.

be patient. find your inspiration. soar.

a mix inspired by kiki, who i am fairly sure i haven't done a mix for yet (which is quite the shame).

10 tracks
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Loved the instrumentation in Zutto Matte Iru by Hakkenden; if I'm not mistaken there was a harp and what sounded like glockenspiel, two instruments I really like the sound of. I also quite like the wind pipes and wooden flute.

@sincerelystyles I am so glad that this can be a comfort for you! <3 I struggle with depression and anxiety, so I cannot entirely say I know how you feel, but I can gladly sympathize and offer a hug.

thank you so much for making this playlist... I've been having a really rough time lately with stuff in my life and this really helped me think about things, thank you so much!!!

@bakariiin I'm so sorry you've been having a hard time. I'm glad that this playlist gave you a little bit of a reprieve, and I hope things look up for you soon! <3