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picnic weather


one red checkered blanket
three bright, red-cheeked smiles
five forgotten spoons (you used your fingers)
seven watermelon seeds in your belly
nine infectious rounds of laughter
infinite moments where you sprawled in the grass and let the fine blades tickle your bare arms and everything was lovely, lovely, lovely

ants, mosquitoes and sudden rain storms not included. because this is too lovely a day for anything to ruin it.

  • Miyazawa Yukino (Nocturne) by Karekano
  • just walking around by Lullatone
  • The Village in May by Studio Ghibli
  • Sourire by Miho Tsujibayashi
  • オヨステ・アイナ by 高木正勝
  • Growing Up by Lullatone
  • Moment of Rest by Angel Beats OST
  • 06 Kanae no Kimochi by Kit Crab
8 tracks
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