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poignant pauses.


it takes everything recently to remember what matters.

what i should be doing.

how many times i should be breathing.

i wish i had the same patience at the end of the day, for me, that so many others have shown to me.

all i can do is remind myself that yes, you need to breathe now. yes, you need to keep moving forward. yes, it will all be okay.

sorry this is so short. my heart only seems to feel sad songs recently.

(image credit: qinni)

  • Sad Dial by Haneda Ryoko
  • Dreamcatcher by Alexandre Desplat
  • Naoko (Yearning) by "The Wind Rises" Original Soundtrack
  • To the Moon by To the Moon OST
  • Sad piano and violin by mar zi
  • 俺にそんな力が…資格が…あると思うのか? by Nintendo
  • 2nd Mov. Kairi by Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections
  • Nemine by Shimomura Youko
8 tracks