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shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?


your voice closes gentle fingers around my heart. (don't squeeze. you have all of me, right there. be gentle.)

you strum, softly, kindly, along every string. you hum and you smile and i throb and i blush and every soft petal-bloom inside of me unfurls and leans eagerly toward the sunlight promised in the deep current of your words.

i am undone and i am fluttering through the air off softly hanging, fragrant branches that merely want to brush against your shoulders. and at the same time, i am rooted firm to the ground, to this moment where it is just you and i and your voice in my ears, reminding me what ripe, green spring - new hope and familiar despair to soak in the clear air and live without heartbreak - feels like from the inside out.

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