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Better than the Original?


Hey everyone, this is just a little mix of beautiful covers. I would love to hear if you think these wonderful renditions are better than the originals. Please leave comments and share what you think. Also if you know any covers which you think may be better than the original, please let me know. Much love 8trackers.

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I'm not sure too ;) there are some lost original essences ( "Where is my mind" Pixies Cover , i like the present but psycho-insane mode which i really enjoyed in original Pixies's song is just simply absent . for example) but i really like all the sort, very kind covers from All time favorites songs. "Better" is the work of who pack them together in one playlist. THANK You!

I'm not sure they're all better (the Regina Spektor cover of Radiohead definitely isn't for example) but a lot are just as good and some definitely are, eg. the Britney cover and the Bombay Bicycle Club cover of Video Games...very possibly better (and I love the original).

I Want You Back -The Civil Wars (Jackson 5 Cover) is an intriguing cover; wouldn't necessarily call it "better" though--worth looking in to! Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover) - Meaghan Smith as well as Adele's cover of The Cure's 'Love Song' are a couple other of my favorite covers (I'm guessing you already have these on file though; I've yet to listen to your entire playlist--I'm sure these bases have been covered!) Good shit man. Good shit.