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Alex and Sierra ♥


"Right before we go on stage, I smooch her three times for good luck." -Alex

♥ ♥ ♥

Basically just a bunch of songs that remind me of Alex and Sierra and a few of my favorite covers. If you don't know who Alex & Sierra are, bless your heart. They're the WINNERS of X Factor USA Season 3. Do yourself a favor and please YouTube them or look them up on Twitter they're amazing people and amazing singers. You'll love them, and you'll wish you had they're adorable relationship.

20 tracks
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You're 17? That's hard to believe... I'm a 74-year-old grandma and this is the ONLY playlist I have ever saved (bookmarked). Your selection of songs is perfect. I already love Alex & Sierra and now I love you, too! Thank you so much. You've assembled an outstanding and beautiful playlist.

Wow! It's amazing how you even saved it so you listen to it. Thank you so much for listening to this mix I really appreciate it! I'm so happy so many people like it, thank you so much again. :))