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Thanks for the playlist and great music, I can tell you're a very kind and caring person, keep being that person and helping people 8 ) ah but I know you will

@redpander Haha no problem! glad you liked it!!! Aww thanks so much for your kind words ♥♥ :')!! I will definitely keep being that person! ^^ heheh

@afterstories Oh yes! It was my fav since the third episode! :) I was completely enchanted by the poetic language and the composition of the art in combination with everything :). What was your fav anime before this one?? Mine was Haikyuu, it has a similar poetic/artistic flavor to it, and plus it's incredibly motivating :)

@ohnawkmik Oooh! I was hooked on it in the beginning as well! I totally agree with you haha! especially the OSTs! Like wow. So beautiful. My fave anime before this was Sword Art Online :O Just loved how it was about online games (maybe because I play online games too ahah) and the graphics + OSTs were also good :). Wow! I also loved Haikyuu haha!! Also loved their OSTs haha. I guess any anime with good OSTs just get me :P

@afterstories LOL, ok, I understand what you're trying to say haha. Lemme recommend some animes based on OSTs rofl. Hmm, Barakamon, Gin No Saji, Isshuukan Friends, Kimi no Todoke, Tamayura, Tari Tari, Usagi Drop... as you can see, I love calm slice of life shit :D... Oh ofc, SAO, no need to mention, incredible shit, loved everything about it (was a gaming addict as well, though I quit now for good OTL).

@ohnawkmik haha thanks! I watched most of those already :P I shall check out Isshuukan Friends sometime after finals! If you have any other anime suggestions let me know :D! You should check out Ao Haru Ride if you haven't watched it already XP. LOl i'm some what a gaming addict too :P I quit and come back and its just a vicious cycle @_@

@afterstories OH, I'm so jelly right now for the fact that you're going to watch Isshuukan Friends o_o. I would love to erase my memories so that I can rewatch it :3. Ao Haru Ride, watched it ^_^. I loved it, except the part where the male protagonist is too depressing -_-. Have any other slice of life animes to recommend? I'm in a midst of an anime crisis right now; have no idea what to watch OTL. Might as well restart Kuroko no Basket which I dropped before, I don't remember why. Here's some more recommendations for you: Bakuman, Chihayafuru, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha, Kimi to Boku, Log Horizon, Nodame Cantabile, Shirobako, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Uchuu Kyoudai :D, I'm sure you have watched some already, especially Log Horizon ^^. What did you play? I used to play a lot of MU Online, Silkroad Online, Counter Strike 1.6 and LoL ofc rofl.

@ohnawkmik haha!! rewatch it in like a year :P! hahaa I didnt mind the male protagonist xP. Mmm not sure if you watched these yet but..! Anohana, Hyouka, Toradora, Wolf Children, Nagi no Asukara, Kotonoha no Niwa, Kokoro Connect, Summer Wars and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (omg I cried so much in this). Not all of them are slice of life but maybe you will like them! And if you have nothing to watch and willing to watch other genres then definitely check out the Fate/Zero series! :) Ooo Kuroko! :D OMG Chihayafuru!! I wish it got a season 3!! haha yepyep :P but I'll definitely check out the ones I didn't watch yet! :D. Uhm... I played a game called Maplestory hahahah still do... OTL

@afterstories Unfortunately, I watched them all LOL. Well, some of those I dropped ^_^, like Nagi, Anohana and Toradora. I shall try them out again if I'm ever out of animes lol. Omg, Kokoro Connect... more like My Kokoro K.O., that anime... so many feels lol. I also dropped Tokyo Magnitude, but I will try it again :). Watched two seasons of Fate/Zero, loved it. Now that the new season or whatever is out; I have no idea what is what rofl. Ah, I was thinking about Chihayafuru yesterday, that shit is so epic and intense :), a true masterpiece! Btw, here are some of my anime bookmarks, I think some of them are worth the try :) Oh I played MS as well, although mostly on a private server with high exp and drop hihihi. I love ranger and assassin characters :)

@ohnawkmik Oh wow.. ahaha.. well then.. :P You can just check my animelist then haha Haha yeah 2nd season for the new fate/stay is out! :3 Yes Chihayafuru was a true masterpiece! I should read the manga for it now :P Okay thanks! i'll check them out sometime! :) Oh really? I played some private servers ahah but back to the original :P. I never heard of the games you played except CS and LoL haha :O Oh and theres a new airing anime right now called "Plastic Memories", so far its good :D maybe you will like it? XP

@afterstories Holy shit sensei, you watched so many animes lol. I'll check it out when it ends hihi. I just started Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha (yep, it's a single anime lol). Doesn't seem so bad, and it's funny as well ^_^. I checked your tumblr, I love it, and the design is so smooth :)

@afterstories Hihi, it's truly heartwarming :3. Now you understand why I want to forget it and watch it again right? ^_^. I've watched the new Avengers yesterday! So freaking amazing :D

@ohnawkmik haha yes i completely understand now!! I want to rewatch it too.. but I just finished it T__T. I'll probably read the manga now haha Isshuukan Friends withdrawl.. LOl. OOoo :O!! It's not out until tomorrow for where I live xP Ahh so many movies I want to watch in theatres!!