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Hello afterstories! I really want to say thanks to your awesome playlists. You're one of my favorite playlist-artists here on 8tracks. Especially this one and a second one of yours "helped/insprited/motivated" me very often in various situations... They transport a lot of feelings... and I also thnik, such playlists can tell a lot about the person behind ...;). However - over the last months, it very much seems, that the 8tracks community became inactive more and more (since there are many new restrictions unfortunately). So I don't know at all, if you'll even read this, since it seems you also haven't created something new anymore in the last half year... :(. But IF: I would be very glad to know, if you continue or transfering your work to another service... Or if just stopped making such great playlists (which owuld be really, really a great loss.... ;) ). Anyways:If you read this and if you plan (or even already did) continuing somewehere else, it would be awesome to know, where you are now. I tried to find you on playmoss, for example, but wasn't successful... A big thank you in any case for what you have created over the years!

@lifeflow Hiiii!!!! Omgoshhhh such an honor! T^T This totally made my day and i'm glad my playlists helped you in some way!! Yeah.. I have totally haven't been on 8tracks in quite awhile haha! I do have some playlists in the making but haven't quite finished them.. but after reading this I feel totally motivated to finish them! so hopefully they will be out soon!! Look out for them! ^________^ and thank you so much~~

@afterstories Woohoo ^^ .. I didn't expect to get an answer, to be honest - but THAT's great :)... ! It's a little bit sad, since it seems 8tracks is slowly "dying".. They obviously had to make some restrictions last year (which you probably know, if you're not from Canada, which is apparently not affected). Are you still listening to playlists here, or just uploading yours for others? Anyways: I tried already out your fairytale playlist. Thank you so much. Again. It's awesome ;)).

@lifeflow haha! Yeah.. I noticed that it was dying a bit :/ I kinda stopped listening to playlists here, mainly because haven't really found any "new" playlists (i guess?) that have new songs I haven't heard yet XD most playlists I try generally have the same songs in them, but I do listen to some once in a while :0. I also don't like how the app now has ads T_T and glitches up sometimes :/. hehe thanks!! glad you liked it :)

@Sugoiichu thanks! glad you liked it :D uhm I dont have the original link/ post but I hope this is okay D: puu(dot)sh/lqTb8/bd0cdb259b(dot)jpg just remove the brackets and replace with .

@afterstories @Sugoiichu i was looking or the same picture, here is a larger version: http:// www(dot)pixelmusic(dot)net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Anime-Wallaper-Music-1(dot)png