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let the wind eavesdrop


I binge watched queer as folk in a little over a week...
this mix was a must.
brian x justin: the life ruining ship.
tbh i feel like there's no legitimate flow to the order of these songs but I could care less with these tears running down my face.

tumblr: http://camelotstardis.tumblr.com/post/89698155428/let-the-wind-eavesdrop-a-brian-x-justin-fanmix

10 tracks
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haha I knew about the shuffle when you listen to a mix repeatedly - but apparently that also applies even when the second listen is over a week later ^^ (but it's a good mix when it's playing out of order too ;) )

(ok i'm only on the third track but already from looking at the tracklist I knew I would love it ^^ )
and ooohh you used the Michael Bublé version I sent you :3 (I don't actually know who sings the version from the episode. That episode which we should not talk about. Or mention. Or think about. At least not those last few minutes.)