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Real Acoustic Rock: nothing "indie" about it.


"Indie" is a label we put on everything these days. It's been used interchangably with Folk music or chill sounding Surf Rock. No longer does it actually mean "Independently made" (but that's for another playlist) but "indie" now just defines almost anything with an acoustic guitar written by a singer-songwriter.

Well screw that, here's what real acoustic rock is all about!

*electric guitars may or may not at some point be present*

15 tracks
6 comments on Real Acoustic Rock: nothing "indie" about it.

Thank you for saying what I've been wanting to scream from the mountain tops. I actually found your mix by searching "anything but indie" and "not indie".

I agree with what you said about "indie" music. You, my friend, has captured the true essence of acoustic music and none of that hip indie shit people listen nowadays merely cause its "cool". Keep it up!